Educational resources from the National Hispanic Cultural Center

Without our staff,  AmeriCorps members,  and volunteers,  NHCC Learning wouldn’t exist.  We thank all who helped in the development of these collections!

NHCC Staff

History and Literary Arts

Valerie Martinez,  Director (2018-2021)
Anna Uremovich,  Archivist​ (2015-2021)
Cassandra Osterloh,  Librarian (2018-2021)
Dr. Patricia Perea,  Educator
Rosalie Esquivel,  AmeriCorps member (2019-2020)
Sutherland Jaramillo,  AmeriCorps member (2020-2021)
Allison Johnson,  AmeriCorps member (2019-2020)
Vanessa Justice,  AmeriCorps member (2019-2020)

Visual Arts

Dr. Tey Marianna Nunn,  Director (2006-2021)
Elena Baca,  Educator and Program Coordinator
Jadira Gurulé,  Curator
Naomi Brandt,  AmeriCorps member (2020-2021)
Gabriela Jadick,  AmeriCorps member (2020-2021)
Paloma López,  AmeriCorps member (2020-2021)

Performing Arts

Dr. Reeve Love,  Director
Dahveed Torres-Avila,  Education Programs Coordinator
Rosa Bozhkov,  AmeriCorps member (2019-2020)

Administration and Outreach

Dr. Margie Huerta,  Executive Director
Alberto Cuessy,  Deputy Director
Annette Luján,  Volunteer Coordinator
Troy Bradley,  Graphic Designer
Naomi Brandt,  AmeriCorps member (2021-2022)

A Note About Translations

Spanish is spoken in countries and communities all around the world.  We believe it is important to critically evaluate linguistic attitudes and to challenge norms and beliefs about prestige and privilege.  Although dialects vary from region to region and community to community, we value and respect all dialects and manners of speaking Spanish and appreciate the differences. Our content translators come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and traditions, and their translations may vary accordingly.

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