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Welcome to the NHCC Art Museum and Visual Arts Program!

Here, we….

…. take pride in sharing artworks by Hispanic, Chicana/o, Latinx, and Latin American artists while working towards a more equitable and just world.

…. hold space for storytelling and meaningful community representation.

…. address the underrepresentation of artists of color in American art.

Part of our mission includes developing educational materials about the styles, processes, and history of the artists and artworks represented at the NHCC. In this lesson plan and activity collection, you will find a variety of topics to engage learners. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Visual Arts Lesson Plans

How Museums Work

How Museums Work

An entire world awaits inside the walls of a museum.  Exciting discoveries, beautiful artwork, careers in the arts . . . the list is endless! This lesson theme is perfect for introducing your students (and yourself) to the wonderful world of museums.

The Collection Connection: Become a Curator

The Collection Connection: Become a Curator lesson plan is for students of all ages and covers Visual Arts and Language Arts content areas. With this lesson plan, students will learn about museum curators and exhibits, create two original works of art that relate to a specific theme, and curate their peers’ artwork.

Design Your Own Museum

Additional Resources

Inspired by Artists

Inspired by Artists

This lesson plan collection finds its inspiration from artists whose work is in the NHCC Art Museum permanent collection. The Art Museum’s growing collection is currently home to over 3000 artworks from around the globe. Each artwork reflects the diversity of the Latina/o/x experience in all of its vibrant creativity and the artists utilize a range of media and materials.

Inspired by Patssi Valdez

Inspired by the artist Patssi Valdez, this lesson plan consists of three activities for students and covers Visual Arts and Speaking and Listening content areas. Through this lesson plan, students can learn about Patssi Valdez and her artistry while creating art of their own.

Make a Piñata



This collection of lesson plans explores a wide range of holiday traditions and celebrations from a variety of regions and cultures!

Día de los Muertos | Day of the Dead

Día de los Muertos, Oaxaca, México

A lesson plan for all ages that covers Visual Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics content areas. Make a Tapete! explores the tradition of making tapetes de arena (colorful artworks made out of sand) which are most commonly found in Oaxaca, México.

Festival de Barriletes Gigantes, Guatemala

The lesson plan Make a Barrilete! centers on the Guatemalan Festival de Barriletes Gigantes and is for all ages, centering on the content areas of  Visual Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science. Barriletes gigantes, or giant kites, soar high above open fields and cemeteries in this colorful observance that celebrates the memory of deceased family and friends, honors Mayan traditions, and addresses contemporary social issues.

La Calabiuza, El Salvador

La Calabiuza is an El Salvadoran festival that is over 100 years old and blends the Catholic holy day of All Saints Day (brought over by the Spaniards in the 1500s) with Indigenous traditions. This lesson plan is for all ages and covers the content areas of Visual Arts, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Students will learn about El Salvadoran myths and the structure of myths, and then design their own mythological characters.

Visual Arts Activities

Hands on Cultura

Hands on Cultura

Join us at home or on the go, using these wonderfully accessible activities for learners of all ages.

How Museums Work

What is a Museum! | ¿Qué es un Museo?

Learn about museums with this wonderful bilingual activity that focuses on planning, designing, and building a model museum out of recycled materials.

The Collection Connection! | ¡La conexión con una colección!

Practice your curatorial skills in this bilingual activity, which explores an important element of museum work: curating.

Ask a Curator—Jadira Gurulé

Learn more about the curatorial process from an NHCC Art Museum Exhibition Curator: Jadira Gurulé! This interview can be enjoyed on its own or as a supplement to the How Museums Work lesson plan series.

Inspired by Artists