Explore El Salvadoran Myths and Legends!

La Calabiuza is an El Salvadoran celebration that takes place every year on November 1st in Tonacatepeque, El Salvador. The celebration is over 100 years old and blends the Catholic holy day of All Saints Day (brought over by the Spaniards in the 1500s) with Indigenous traditions.

In the bilingual lesson plan, students will…

  • Learn about the El Salvadoran celebration La Calabiuza
  • Learn about the stylistic elements of myths and legends
  • Design their own mythological characters

Teachers, we have prepared both English and Spanish lesson plans for you to bring to your classrooms.

Lifelong learners, learn more and make a barrilete through the Draw a Myth/Legend | Dibuja un mito/leyenda activity!

“La Fiesta de Calabiuza” (2014) by Robert Easton, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Although celebrated at the same time of year, La Calabiuza is not El Salvadoran Halloween; it is a time to remember lost loved ones and to honor El Salvadoran history and culture. 

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